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Microcredit organization "Baror Biznes" was created under Business Women's Association of Uzbekistan "Tadbikor ayol" and started its activity under the license # 20 dated 04.06.2008 of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Main activity of MCO "Baror Biznes" is to support a private entrepreneurship development through rendering an access to financial resources - microcredits, microloans and microleasing for the wide sections of the population.

Main directions of MCO "Baror Biznes" activity:
  • issuing microcredits, microloans to small and private entrepreneurs on their own accountant;
  • rendering other microfinance services including consultative and informational services.

  • Objectives of MCO "Baror Biznes":
  • satisfying the demands of the Uzbekistan population in microcredits and microloans;
  • supporting of private entrepreneurs and other subjects of small entrepreneurship and ensuring the population self-employment;
  • creation of favourable conditions for the further expansion of private entrepreneurship, creation of new jobs in the republic through development of individual labour activity, family business and home labour;
  • creation of conditions for qualitative improvement of standard of living and increase of income of the families from vulnerable groups of the population by widening an access to microfinance services;
  • ensuring a long-term sustainability and profitability of the microcredit organization to stably render financial services and good returns to investors on their investment.

  • MCO "Baror Biznes" uses the methodology of individual crediting and also the group crediting when the credits are issued to the target groups consisting of 3-10 people on a group solidarity base - a security is a group guarantee.

    Group crediting requirements:

  • Maximum amount of people in a group must make from 3 to 10;
  • Group members are selected by groups themselves and jointly responsible for using and repaying a credit by each group member;
  • Group members must know each other at least 6 months;
  • Groups must have no debts by credits in other organizations;
  • Credits are issued to each member of a group on a group guarantee base (guarantee of other members of a group i.e. all borrowers are responsible for credit repaying);
  • Credits are not issued for consumer purposes (purchasing food, clothes and other goods for personal consumption), building constructions, ritual ceremonies and etc.
  • The place of carrying out entrepreneurial and other activity of group members must preferably locate in one mahallya or market or bazaar.

  • Individual crediting requirements:

  • A borrower must be a citizen of Uzbekistan and have a valid passport of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • A borrower must be at the age of 18 and older;
  • All previous credits of MCO must be completely repaid;
  • A borrower must have no overdue and open commitment before third parties;
  • A supposed business activity must be realizable and profitable;
  • A borrower must have a work experience in supposed business activity at least for the period of 6 months;
  • Presence of business-plan indicating the purpose of using of issuing credit;
  • A borrower must be a main owner or a co-owner of business enterprise;

  • Required documents for crediting of legal persons:

  • A copy of constitutive documents;
  • Presence of business-plan indicating the purpose of using of issuing credit;
  • Documents proving the right of a person to sign a credit agreement in the name of a borrower in case of a person represents a borrower;
  • Financial statements including balance sheets, statements of income and cash flows signed by a borrower for the last reporting date and prepared in accordance with the accepted accounting standards;

  • MCO "Baror Biznes" has the following organizational structure:
    - General Meeting of stockholders;
    - MCO Council (Supervisory Council);
    - Inspection Commission;
    - Crediting Committee;
    - Executive director;
    - Depute director;
    - Chief accountant (financial department);
    - MIS manager (informational department);
    - Office-manager (administrative department).

    Chairperson of the General Meeting of stockholders is Dildor Alimbekova.
    Chairperson of the Council is Shirin Abidova (Mamadjanovna).
    Executive director is Mastura Melieva (Ibragimovna).
    Deputy executive director is Nargiza Samadova (Mannanovna).
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