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About Business Women's Association of Uzbekistan

BWA is one of the first national women NGOs in Central Asia. 14 regional, 96 district branches and Business Women Associations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan created with support of BWA are united in one network through partnership programs, and with this women's movement was born in Central Asia.


  • creating favorable conditions for women's participation in the process of forming market relations;
  • improving the climate of mutual trust and business partnership;
  • applying innovative educational programs;
  • supporting women competitiveness in labor market through retraining and raising skills;
  • creating institutional legal mechanisms for improving economic and social opportunities of women;
  • providing legal support to women-entrepreneurs;
  • assisting in the integration of economic and cultural relations between women, business and NGOs in Central Asia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • The main directions of activities:

    I. Educational
    includes the process of training own trainers with further multiplication of knowledge in the following specialties:
  • Business training - start-up business, business-plan development, accounting, marketing, management, farming management and etc.;
  • Vocational training in 28 directions - confectionery, carpet weaving, ceramics, embroidery, etc.
  • Legal training;
  • Leadership training - negotiations, conflict resolution and etc.

  • II. Consulting:
  • Business - export management, business contacts establishment through exhibitions, searching partners, equipment, markets, etc;
  • Psychology, ethics, creating favorable team-working atmosphere;
  • Organizational development

  • III. Researching and publishing activities on NGOs, gender and business

    IV. Assisting in receiving credits

    V. Lobbying and advocacy


    The following amount of women trained:
  • 50 320 on vocational skills (80% employed, engaged in home-labor);
  • 43 000 on business-skills (75% have own businesses);
  • 6 000 on leadership;

  • Advocacy-campaigns, lobbying, adopted Laws:
  • "On Credit Unions",
  • "On NGOs",
  • "On Microcrediting",
  • "On Guarantees of Entrepreneurship Development";
  • Amendments and new resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers have been adopted.

  • Number of women at the decision-making level increased. Among BWA members are:
  • 2 Senators
  • 4 Parliament Deputies
  • 20 regional, city and district deputies

  • Research:
  • "Globalization, WTO (World Trade Organization), Stable Development"
  • "Agriculture, WTO in Stable Development Context"
  • "Taxation of Legal Entities Implementing Charity Activity"
  • "Increasing Competitiveness and Productivity of Uzbekistan Enterprises"
  • "Research of Community Organizations"

  • Publications:
  • "Creation of Enterprises in Uzbekistan from A to Z"
  • "Success Stories of Women's Entrepreneurship"
  • "Analytical Review on Women's Entrepreneurship"
  • "NGO role in Civil Society Development"
  • "Women and Men of Uzbekistan"
  • "Guidebook on NNO of Uzbekistan"
  • "Manual for Leaders of Local Communities"

  • Awards:
  • International UN Prize AGFUND - "Fulfilling basic vocational training needs and job creation for the poor in rural areas", 2006
  • International UN Premium UN-HABITAT - "For the Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment" and certificate of the quality, 2005
  • UNIFEM - "The best partnership project", 2002
  • Governmental: 6 regional BWA chairpersons awarded with medals.

  • BWA was mentioned in Welfare Improvement Strategy Paper of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2005-2010 Interim PRSP Document, as an organization influenced on solving social problems( page 9), and UN Human Development Report.

    16 February 2009
    The new website of the Business Women's Association of Uzbekistan has been launched.